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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000194 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
blockassigned (woshman)2016-09-24Micro Cortes en la red, Ataque DNS-REBINDING?
  0000193 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
majorassigned (woshman)2015-12-18Netflix em smart tv - INCOMPATÍVEL.
  0000192 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2015-07-28Mala visualización para hacer la edición de la configuración en modo master wireless
  0000191 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2015-06-16Problemas com DDNS no bfw 3.x
  00001892[BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
blockfeedback (woshman)2015-01-23Boot error
  00001905[BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
majorassigned (woshman)2015-01-23acpid process taking nearly 100% CPU load
  0000188 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
majorassigned (woshman)2014-12-19Não configura IP do MODEM e nem a MASCARA
  0000187 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2014-07-10Bfw sem tabela ARP com interfaces local e wireless em bridge
  0000186 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2014-06-27( mobile & tap & laptop ) bybass qos !! please help
  0000185 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
majorassigned (woshman)2014-05-312 pppoe over virtual interfaces not connect
  0000184 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2014-04-15reconnect with pppoe taking along time
  0000183 [BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2014-04-15Event Log (Applications) is fulled of pppoe dhcp
  00001791[BrazilFW 3.x]
BrazilFW 3.x
minorassigned (woshman)2014-03-01Tráfego de uma LAN para outra LAN aparece com origem interface LAN do BFW


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